Did You Know? 7 Handy Mosaic Tips & Techniques

November 04, 2016


Here are 7 handy mosaic tips & techniques that we have come across over the years, which should help make mosaics easier.

1) When cutting tiles, hold the tile over the space it is intended to go. Use your eye to visually work out the direction of the cut or a non-permanent marker to mark the cut.

2) Don't use small random pieces of tiles to fill empty spaces as this may make your mosaic look disjointed and draw the eye to the area. You are better off spending time working out your tile placement or removing some tiles to correct it.

3) When cutting your tiles or tesserae, use a plastic container to collect the shards. This will save on the clean up and help you to avoid nicks to your hands.

4) Use clear plastic bags or containers to store your unused tiles & tesserae. This will help with your organisation for future projects.

5) When making a mosaic with a few different grout colours, use masking tape when grouting to protect the other areas.

6) When sealing your grout, don't forget to remove it from your tiles before it dries. Grout sealer will leave a film on the top of the tiles that can be difficult to remove.

7) If you have problem estimating the amount of tiles you need for your project, we have a handy online calculator that can help you work this out. Click here to go to the tile calculator.


Garden inspiration by Arlene

Garden inspiration by Arlene