June 10, 2022



These Mediterranean inspired coasters are not only beautiful but functional as well. Your friends will be impressed with the gorgeous tableware you handmade.

This project is the perfect introduction to the craft of mosaics; complete your first project in a few hours with no glass cutting required. In four simple steps, you will have completed this beautiful mosaic.

This project is sold as a kit; click here to purchase.


How to Make A Mosaic Coaster

What you'll need:

Shop nowThis project is sold as a kit.


1. Plan your Design

Lay your tiles on the coasters to work out the design you like best.

2. Laying the tiles

Your adhesive can be applied either directly to coasters themselves or painted individually onto the back of the tiles. The quickest method is to paint the adhesive onto the coaster base. Apply the adhesive to small sections at a time to avoid the adhesive drying out. Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before applying the grout.

3. Grouting time

Wear gloves when grouting, as the grout will dry your hands out. Mix a small amount of powdered grout with water until it becomes a porridge-like consistency. Once mixed, place a small amount of grout onto your tiles and rub it into the gaps between them. Once you have covered the entire mosaic, scrape off the excess and let it dry.
Wait until the grout has started to dry (the grout will become dull) and carefully clear off the excess grout with a sponge. Leave it for 24 hours, then give it a final buff up to remove excess grout.

4. Paint the edges

To finish the coaster, you can paint the edges of the MDF.

Meditteraen Mosaic Coaster Kit