Mandala Mosaic Pot Kit

April 23, 2021

Mandala Mosaic Pot Kit

Mosaic Pots are a great way to decorate, both inside and outside your home. This colourful little pot would look lovely on a window sill or a side table. All skill levels can make it as not cutting is involved. It would make a lovely present for a treasured friend or family member.

Project Instructions

Materials list:

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1. Apply your tiles

The pot is a high gloss ceramic which can make the application of the tiles a little slippery. To overcome this, lay your tiles on one side at a time, allow the adhesive to dry completely before turning it to complete the next side. We've used a PVA adhesive which means that it isn't waterproof; if you're after a waterproof adhesive, we'd suggest a cement-based adhesive instead.

Follow the pattern as per the photograph. You can use any Handmade 5cm Glass Tiles as the focal points and match the colour scheme to suit.

Remove any excess adhesive on the top of the tiles before grouting. Allow the adhesive to cure for a least 24 hours before grouting.


2. Grouting time

We've used black grout to make the colour pop. If you haven't grouted before, click here to get step by step instructions.


This mosaic has been created as an indoor piece, as the handmade tiles aren't suitable to be displayed in direct sunlight.