Grout Colourant - A New Way to Colour Grout

February 09, 2019

Grout Colourant - A New Way to Colour Grout

Getting the grout colour you want has always been a struggle as grout manufacturers tend to have a very limited colour pallet. Another option is mixing acrylic paint with powered grout, which does open up your colour pallet but has a few drawbacks. Many books suggest using it as a colourant but others point out the following negatives: it requires lots of paint, it can produce a pale coloured grout and may affect the integrity of the grout itself. 

A third option is using powered pigments which we have just added to our range. Powered pigments or grout colourant can be added to powered grout. When using powered pigment or grout colourants, add the powder to the dry white grout and mix before adding the water. Just remember that the colour will appear a few shades darker when wet. This option costs a bit more than using acrylic paint, but I'm sure you will agree the colours are stunning!

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