March 15, 2021


Mosaics, like this one, are stunning and wonderful to make. This blog post shares the tips and techniques used to create this mosaic, to create one for yourself. Learn about design considerations, materials and techniques used, plus other inspiring projects. Enjoy.

Materials Used In This Mosaic

To replicate this mosaic you will need one packet of the following tiles, there will be a lot of tiles left over to add to your collection for future projects.


1. Adhering the tiles

The adhesive can be applied either directly or painted individually onto the tiles' back. By far the quickest method is to apply the adhesive onto the candle holder. When using this method, apply to small sections to avoid the adhesive drying out. Weldbond or a good quality PVA based adhesive is suitable for this project.

When the tiles have been applied, allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before applying the grout. Run your hand over the tiles to ensure they are all firmly adhered before grouting. If any are loose, remove them and re-adhere.

2. Cutting the Tiles

You will need to cut tiles for this project, Wheeled Nippers are suitable for all of the materials. If you haven't had experience cutting glass tiles, here are some tutorials to help you:

How to use wheeled nippers

How to cut glass tiles

Go to tools >>>

3. Grouting the Mosaic

It is now time to grout the mosaic. If you need help with grouting click here to get detailed instructions.

This project is suitable for indoor use only.


Design Considerations

  • Balance your design - Repeat elements throughout your design to create balance. For instance, the large Iridised Ovals feature two times and the ceramic petal shape several times. Even though the colour and size have varied, the petal shape features many times.

  • Use a combination of different shapes, sizes, finishes and colours to provide interest. This mosaic has many finishes: glitter, metallic, gloss, iridised and metal.
  • Keep the spacing between the tiles consistent; the grout should be an element of your design but not dominant.
  • Segment areas by using lines of different tiles. For instance, the glass dots and round metal beads are to create lines.
  • Use detailed elements, like the metal beads, to create areas of interest.
  • Use different shades of colour, for instance, a variety of different shades of teal and green. Repeat different colours throughout the design.

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