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    Vintage Blue Mosaic Photo Frame Project

    Vintage blue photo frame


    The other day I was reminded just how much people love receiving handmade mosaic gifts, as my kids had the traditional end of year gifts to give to their teachers. Normally I buy a box of Favourites chocolates or something similar, but after a luke warm reception to this last year I decided to put more effort into this years gifts.

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    Ho Ho Ho...A Lovely Mosaic Project!

    ho ho ho christmas decoration

    Can you believe its less than a month till Christmas! Being lovers of all things Christmas, we have been getting into the spirit this week by making this lovely Christmas Decoration. This project is great for beginners and experienced mosaicists alike.

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    Make This Christmas One to Remember!

    Well its that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner! What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to make your own Christmas decorations and gifts. This beautiful decoration has been made by one of our team, Bianca. We hope you enjoy this project!

    mosaic christmas tree decoration

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    How Do You Tile Around Curves?

    ancient mosaic demonstrating the keystoning technique
    Keystoning is a cutting technique in which your square tesserae goes around curves without leaving a large gap on the outside of the curve. When executed well your grout lines will run parallel and you won’t have a triangular space between the tiles.

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    How to Colour Grout

    "Australian Spring" Birdbath is by Australian Mosaic Artist Christopher Diaz

    Pre-coloured grouts tend to come in a range of fairly standard colours; white, black, brown, beige, and grey. So what do you do it your after something different? Why not try colouring it yourself!

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    Using Shadows in Mosaics

    Using shadows in mosaics, Bug by Barb Keith

    Learning how to create shadows within a mosaic will add a realistic element to your design by creating depth and a 3-D effect. They are integral in replicating life and achieving realism.

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    Make This Gorgeous Ceramic Love Heart Tray

    mosaic ceramic love heart tray

    With Christmas just around the corner it's time to start thinking about planning your handmade Christmas gifts. This 'Ceramic Love Heart Tray' would make the perfect gift for someone special. It's simple to make yet completely unique, a gift that would be loved and appreciated.

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    Learn How to Cut Ceramic Tiles - Tips & Techniques

    how to cut ceramic tiles using cutters, files, and scribers

    Ceramic tiles are a fantastic material to use; they are vibrant in colour, economical, durable and can be cut to larger sizes than glass mosaic tiles. As they can be more difficult to cut than glass mosaic tiles, some people prefer to stick with glass tiles rather than exploring the possibilities of ceramic tiles. In this how to mosaic article I will look at the tools that you can use to cut ceramic tiles and the techniques you can use to cut them. It is definitely worth giving ceramic tiles are try as it opens up the range of materials you can use and the finishes you can achieve.

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    Give An Old Garden Pot a New Lease Of Life!

    give an old garden pot a new lease on life with this mosaic garden pot project

    With the cold of winter fading fast, now is the time to start adding colour to your garden. Mosaic garden pots are a classic edition to any garden, bringing colour, texture and the charm of handmade pieces. A great way to add impact is to cluster a number of pots together, with similar designs but varying colour schemes, the impact is absolutely stunning.

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    Make Your Own Mosaic Blackboard

    mosaic blackboard project

    Here is a fun project for you! Making your own mosaic blackboard is a lot simpler than you think. Make one for your home or give it away, its a unique project that you're guaranteed to enjoy.

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    How to Use Our Handmade Glass Tiles

    flower cross mosaic kit

    This 'How to Mosaic' looks at how to use our Beautiful Handmade glass tiles. These tiles are made exclusively for The Mosaic Store and are absolutely stunning when used to create a mosaic.

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    How to Add Words and Numbers To Your Mosaic

    ceramic letters example of how to use

    Adding words and numbers to your mosaic is simply with our range of ceramic letters and numbers. Create initials, words, phrases easily by simply separating them and adhering them to your mosaic.

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    Feeling Inspired...How About Some Fun Mosaic Jewellery!

    mosaic dragonfly pendant

    I has flicking through some photo's the other day that had been sent to me of mosaic jewellery projects and decided it was time for me to make some more. What is great about mosaic jewellery is that it can be created fairly quickly, often using bits and pieces from your tile collection and are great to wear or give away. So being inspired this is what I created over the weekend.

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    How to Make a Smooth Mosaic Surface

    how to mosaic with tiles of uneven thicknesses


    Last Friday I was talking to one of our customers about how to make the a mosaic table with tiles of uneven thicknesses, which has prompted me to write this article. The easiest way to get a smooth surface is to choose tiles of the same thickness, but this can limit you in choice of materials. If you do use tiles of varying thicknesses then there are two techniques that you can use.

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    Garden Mosaic Picture Frame Project

    Garden mosaic picture frame project made

    This project is for anyone that loves bling and combining lots of different materials to create texture and interest. It's a really simple project, the variety of shapes of the decorative embellishments means that not a lot of cutting is required.

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    Learn How to Make This Mosaic Mirror

    mixed colourful materials mosaic mirror

    Believe it our not, this mosaic is fairly easy to make. The trick to creating a mosaic like this is in gather lots of lovely colourful materials to add detail, colour and texture. Going over the top is all part of the fun!

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