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Tiles for Indoor Use

Irregular Ceramic Tiles

Coloured 2.5cm Glass Tiles

Coloured 2.5cm Glass Tiles (New Colour Selection)

Crystal Glass Tiles 1cm

Crystal Shard Glass Tiles

Crystal Tile Glass Mixes

Pre-Cut Glass Tiles

Crackled Glass Pieces

Venetian Glass Tiles 2cm

Iridised Glass Tiles 2cm

Gloss Ceramic Circles 1.8cm

Iridised Irregular Glass Tiles

Gloss Ceramic Triangles

Gloss Ceramic Petals

Gloss Ceramic Ovals

Ceramic Petals

Ceramic Leaves

Stained Glass Pieces

Decorative Glass Gems

Silverfoil Irregular Glass Tiles

Glitter Glass Tiles 1cm

Autumn Ceramic Leaves

Square Ceramic Tiles 1.5cm

Hexagon Ceramic Tiles

Glass Droplets

Glass Dots

Irregular Crystal Glass

Glitter Irregular Glass Tiles

Mandala Glass Shapes

Ceramic Puzzle Pieces

Ceramic Pebbles

Micro Glass Tiles

Ceramic Teardrops

Stained Glass Squares

Stained Glass Triangles

Patterned Ceramic Discs

Ceramic Word Discs

Word Ceramic Shapes

Marbled Ceramic Bits

Blue & White Ceramic Bits

Coloured Ceramic Bits

Clear Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles 8mm

Crystal Glass Tiles 2cm

Glitter Glass Tiles 2cm

Large Glass Dots

Gloss Glass Tiles 1cm

Shell Pieces

Glass Sand

Glass Gems

Glass Stixs

Long Glass Sticks

Cherry Blossom Glass Petals

Gloss & Iridised Glass Petals

Glass Nuggets

Tile Colour Packs

Ceramic Circles

Assorted Ceramic Petals

Ceramic Flowers

Ceramic Stars

Motif Ceramic Tiles

Iridised Glass Ovals

Glass Petals

Glass Flower Petals

Dragonfly Kit

Mirror Squares

Decorative Bits & Pieces


Glass Tile Mixes 8mm

Iridised Glass Tiles 8mm

Silver Beads

Coloured Beads

Column Beads


Rounded Beads

Gloss Tiny Square Ceramic Tiles 5mm

Tiny Ceramic Micro Tiles

Tiny Ceramic Circles

Tiny Ceramic Drops

Tiny Ceramic Ovals

Tiny Ceramic Triangles

Talavera Mexican Tiles

Handmade Tile Sets


Themed Glass Tiles

Mexican, Moroccan & Spanish Inspired Handmade Tiles

Mandala Inspired Glass & Ceramic Tiles

Handmade Flower Series Glass Tiles

Vibrant Floral Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Blooming Flowers Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Letters & Numbers Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Mixed Patterned Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Monet Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Aboriginal Inspired Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Animal Skin Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Batik Inspired Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Damask Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Watercolour Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Agate Textures Glass Tiles 2.5cm


Rustic Damask Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Vintage Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Watercolour Flower Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Watercolour Floral Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Shabby Chic Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Lace Inspired Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Botanical Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Handmade Colour Mixes Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Handmade Patterned Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Patterned Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Patterned Large Dots Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Textured Glass Mosaic Tiles 2.5cm

Themed Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Colour Combination Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Tribal Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Vintage Gypsy Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Watercolour Triangles Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Chevron Glass Mosaic Tiles 2.5cm

Confetti Glass Tiles 2.5cm (HM)

Cross Hatch Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Watercolour Mix & Match Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Dots Handmade Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Colourful Damask Glass Tiles 2.5cm

Coloured Glass Tiles 5cm

Glass Quote Tiles 5cm

Vibrant Floral Glass Tiles 5cm

Blooming Flowers Glass Tiles 5cm

Agate Glass Tiles 5cm

BOHO Black & White Patterned Glass Tiles 5cm



IKAT Glass Tiles 5cm

Vintage Gypsy Glass Tiles 5cm

Watercolour Mandala Glass Tiles 5cm

Indigo Watercolour Glass Tiles 5cm

Watercolour Glass Tiles 5cm



Colourful Damask Glass Tiles 5cm

Watercolour Portuguese Glass Tiles 5cm

Handmade Patterned Glass Tiles 5cm

Ceramic Quote Tiles

Coloured Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm

Vibrant Floral Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm

Blooming Flowers Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm

Batik Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm

Watercolour Portuguese Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm

Blue Blossom Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm

DAY OF THE DEAD Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm

Colourful Damask Ceramic Tile 4.8cm


Mixed Mosaic Ceramic Tiles 4.8cm


Coloured Ceramic Tiles 10cm (New Colour Selection)

Coloured Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Vibrant Floral Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Blooming Flowers Ceramic Tiles 10x10cm

Handprinted Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Vintage Gypsy Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Watercolour Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Colour Combination Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Batik Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Antique Victorian Floral Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Agate Textures Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Shabby Chic Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Lace Inspired Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Watercolour Textured Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Vintage Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Colourful Damask Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Animal Skin Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Marbled Ceramic 10cm Tiles

Aboriginal Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Tribal Ceramic Tiles 10cm

African Inspired Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Rustic Damask Ceramic Tiles 10cm

Ceramic Quote Tiles 10x10cm

Glass Triangles

Gloss Glass Tiles 1.2cm (Special Order)

Iridised Glass Tiles 1.2cm (Special Order)

XL Ceramic Petals (Special Order)

Gloss Glass Tiles 2.5cm (Special Order)

Crystal Glass Triangles (Special Order)

Mirror Petals (Special Order)

Mirror Diamonds (Special Order)

Stained Glass Circles (Special Order)

Mini Glass Diamonds (Special Order)

Mini 1cm Glass Tiles (Special Order)

Stained Glass Square 1.2cm (Special Order)

XL Glass Triangles (Special Order)

Sea Life Ceramic Shapes (Special Order)

XL Glass Gems (Special Order)

Square Ceramic Tiles 5mm (Special Order)

Silverfoil Glass Tiles 1cm (Special Order)

Large Mixed Glass Droplets (Special Order)

Iridised Glass Tiles 1cm (Special Order Product)

Mini Transparent Glass Tiles 1cm - Full Sheet (Special Order Product)

Byzantine Soft Stone 5mm (Special Order)

Byzantine Soft Stone 1cm x 2cm (Special Order)

Byzantine Soft Stone 1cm (Special Order)

Transparent Glass Tiles 1cm (Special Order)

Frosted Irregular Glass - 1kg (Special Order)

Shimmer Irregular Glass - 1kg (Special Order)

Irregular Glass - 1kg (Special Order)

Stained Glass Circles - Full Sheet (Special Order)

Mini Metallic 1cm - 500 gm (Special Order)

Gloss Ceramic Half Circles

Gloss Ceramic Diamonds

Gloss Ceramic Flowers

Stained Glass Petals

Stained Glass Diamonds