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Ceramic Shapes

See our full range of ceramic shapes. Use for features on your Mosaic or fillers for backgrounds. This beautiful selection will have something for everyone.

Irregular Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Teardrops

Ceramic Puzzle Pieces

Large Ceramic Puzzle Pieces

Autumn Ceramic Leaves

Hexagon Ceramic Tiles

Gloss Ceramic Circles 1.8cm

Gloss Ceramic Triangles

Gloss Tiny Square Ceramic Tiles 5mm

Ceramic Petals

Ceramic Leaves

Ceramic Stars

Ceramic Circles

Ceramic Discs

Ceramic Pebbles

Ceramic Charms

Blue & White Ceramic Bits

Ceramic Motif Tiles

Ceramic Rectangles (Special Order)

Ceramic Triangles (Special Order)

Gloss Ceramic Half Circles

Gloss Ceramic Diamonds

Gloss Ceramic Flowers