5 Ways To Make Flowers For Your Mosaic

June 24, 2022

5 Ways To Make Flowers For Your Mosaic


Flowers are one of the most popular motifs in mosaics. You can either make them yourself by cutting glass, ceramic tiles or stained glass, or using various materials to create them. Below are five flower designs that you can easily incorporate into your mosaics, including our new flower kits (flower design # 1). These designs will add colour to your work and help bring your mosaics to life.


We have created this design using glass droplets, glass dots and iridised glass petals. We have done all the hard work by creating Flower Kits in 8 designs.


This simple flower is created by using Large Glass Dots & Glass Droplets. Both of these products come in gloss & iridised finishes.


Using Ceramic Teardrops and a centrepiece (we've used Millefiori), you can create various flowers. Ceramic Teardrops come in 2 different sizes so that you can make small and large flowers.

flower design no. 3


This is a classic design that is used in many mosaics. Ceramic Petals are a favourite when it comes to making flowers. The centrepiece has been created using a single Glass Dot.


The glass version of Flower Design #4, this design utilises Glass Petals instead of ceramic. These petals are available in both gloss and iridised finishes.


These stunning flower kits add dimension to a mosaic. These kits include all the tiles you will need to make the flower, including instructions on the flower assembly.

The following projects are examples of how you can bring your mosaic to life with flowers.

Mosaic Table by Kim Vallance

The winner of our recent competition, Kim's table, is about flowers. Using Ceramic Petals and Ceramic Teardrops, she has brought this table to life.

Mosaic FlowerTable by Kim Vallance

Isn't this turtle adorable? Jacqui has used Ceramic Petals, Ceramic Teardrops and Millefiori to make this beautiful design.

Mosaic Turtle