How To Make a Mosaic Garden Pot

February 10, 2014


Mosaic Pots are a great way to decorate, both inside and outside your home. This project demonstrates, step by step the process of making a mosaic pot.

 mosaic garden pot    mosaic garden pot

Project Instructions

Materials list:

  • A selection of mosaic tiles
  • A mosaic pot - this quite a large pot measuring 30 cm's high & 20 cm's across the top
  • Cement based adhesive
  • Primer & grout additive - this has a double purpose, to seal the pot prior to mosaicing & added to the grout to improve the grouts flexibility.
  • Grey grout
  • Tools - two wheeled nippers, repositioning tool, sponges, water & containers, rags for grouting.


  1. Source materials & pot
  2. Seal the pot - I've used a primer & grout additive, which has a double purpose. You can use it to seal your pot prior to mosaicing & then add it to your grout in with water a ratio of 50/50 to improve the grouts flexibility.
  3. Plan you design - This design is based on using a variety of tiles in different styles and tones of blue. Interest in created in varying the size of the tiles & working with flowing lines to create sections within the design. The round cabochons create focal points throughout.
  4. Apply your tiles - I've used a waterproof cement based adhesive which is suitable for exterior use and & holds the tiles in place as you work on a rounded surface. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure.
  5. Remove any excess adhesive prior to grouting, this is to ensure that no adhesive shows through the grout.
  6. Grout the pot - I've used grey grout, which is considered a safe option in colour choice, great if you are uncertain as to what colour to choose. Allow the grout to dry for 24 hours.

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