7 Handy Mosaic Tips

October 18, 2015


Whether you are new to mosaics or have been making them for years, here are 7 handy mosaic tips that will help improve your mosaics.
  1. When choosing a grout colour, a great rule of thumb to remember is that grout should contrast not compliment. That is, don't use white grout with white tiles or grey grout on grey tiles, as the tiles will be lost. 
  2. This is a personal preference but it has always worked well for me, darker grouts look better than lighter ones. If you are thinking about using white grout, try off-white or ivory instead. 
  3. When grouting remember that it will dry a few shades lighter when completely dry.
  4. Dampen your grout as it dries; don't allow it to dry out too quickly. As grout cures it binds water internally and if it dries out too quickly it will weaken the grout.
  5. If uses plywood (which we don't recommend for outside projects), remember to seal all exposed edges including the bottom. This will help stop the plywood from absorbing moisture, which causes the wood to swell and grout & tiles to pop off. Compressed Fibre Cement is a better choice for outdoor mosaics.
  6. Making a mistake is not the end of the world, pull the tiles off and start again. Better to get it right than be unhappy with the final product.
  7. Once you've finished tiling don't rush in and grout straight away. Put your mosaic to the side and come back to it a few days later to ensure that you are happy and there is nothing you'd like to change.