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Mon, May 20, 2013

How To Make A Mosaic Chair

One of the great things about mosaics is that you can turn old things into pieces of art. This old chair was ready for the tip but with a bit of creativity & effort its become a beautiful piece of furniture which can take pride of place in someone's home. How about making one of your own next weekend? Here are the instructions to help you.


mosaic chair project

  • Old wooden chair
  • White paint
  • A selection of mosaic tiles
  • Cement based adhesive
  • White grout + additive
  • Grout sealer
  • Glass tile cutters



1. Prepare the chair

    As the chair is wooden it will require sealing to protect it from water damage. I have also painted the chair white because of the design.


    chair to be mosaiced

    2. Cut your tiles
      I've used crazy paving, that is tiles cut into irregular shapes, for much of the design. The shapes include triangles, squares and rectangles. The dark line is created by nipping a 2 cm tile into 3 rectangles and then halving them.
      3. Laying the tiles
        Draw the outline of your design onto the chair and begin laying the tiles. I've used a cement based adhesive to glue the tiles, a palette knife comes in handy for spreading the adhesive. When you've finished your work make sure that you leave no excess adhesive on the chair, otherwise you will be scrapping it off or end up with an uneven surface.


        mosaic pattern for mosaic chair
        Once all your tiles are laid allow 24 hours of the adhesive to cure completely before grouting.

           pattern for mosaic chair


        4. Grouting

          I've used a white grout with an additive. Once cured the grout was sealed to assist with protecting it against stains.

          For more information go to the 'Beginners Guide to Grouting'.


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