How To Mosaic a Shovel

June 17, 2014


I came across a picture of a shovel that had been mosaiced and was so taken with it that I've made one for myself. What's great about this project is that you can customise it to fit the look and feel of your garden. You couldn't get a more authentic piece of garden art then a mosaic shovel (and maybe a pitch fork as well). 


Mosaic shovel project garden art 
Project Instructions

  • A selection of tiles & tesserae
  • Adhesive - You'll need an adhesive that is both waterproof and suitable for use on metal.
  • A wooden handled shovel
  • Grey grout + additive, grout sealer

    1. Source a shovel. If your using a pre-loved one make sure that you clean it well in soapy water to remove any debris. To assist the adhesive 'key' the metal with steel wool to roughen up the surface.
    2. Plan you design & source the materials.
    3. Adhere the tiles & tesserae. Please read the manufacturers instructions & wear the appropriate safety equipment, including gloves. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure prior to grouting.
    4. Grout the mosaic, I've used grey grout mixed with a 50 /50 combination of water and grout additive. To help protect the grout further apply a grout sealer once the grout is fully cured. Click here if you require more information on grouting.
    5. If you've used a pre-loved shovel you may need to clean up the wooden handle, you can do this by sanding and staining the wood or mosaicing it. If you choose to mosaic the wooden handle you will need to ensure that it is sealed well prior to mosaicing the surface.

        mosaic shovel garden art

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