How to Make Mosaic Flowers (including patterns)

September 21, 2014


Flower are very popular in mosaics and easily incorporated into a design. In today's 'How to Mosaic' posting I'm outlining the basic cuts you'll need to master to create flowers and 9 different flower patterns.


Learn how to make mosaic flowers

Cutting curves and circles is essential to creating many of these patterns.


How to Cut a Curve

Learn how to cut a curve in a mosaic tile


Cutting curves with the edge facing outwards is easy with wheeled nippers, simply make a series of small nips along the line you wish to cut. Once cut you can make some smaller nips to tidy up any uneven bits. Inside curves are difficult with wheeled nippers. If your use to glass cutting you could score the surface and use grozing pliers to obtain the cut.

How to Cut A Circle

 Learn how to cut a circle in a glass mosaic tile

Circle cuts are made using the same technique as the curved cut; you simply keep rotating the tile, making small nips as you go until you've completed the entire circle. You can them repeat the process to clean up and rough pieces of tile. The trick here is to only make small nips; don't be tempted to take too much tile off in one cut.

9 Flower Patterns

When making a flower start by cutting the centre circle, then cut the petal shapes positioning them next to each other before you glue them down. For more difficult designs you may need to make guide lines on your tile to get the correct angle for your cut.