How to Create Patterns & Boarders in Mosaics with Tessellation

September 01, 2013


Creating stunning patterns and boarders in mosaics can be easy using a ancient technique called Tessellation. A tessellated surface is a pattern created with shapes in which there are no gaps left. In mosaics, you can create a tessellated surface with irregular shapes that are fitted closely together.
Tessellated patterns can be quite simple like a checkerboard pattern, or more completed comprising of a variety of interlocking shapes. You can use these patterns as a centrepiece within a mosaic or a border.
As tessallations tend to be strong designs care needs to be taken with combining them with other design elements so that they don't overpower.
When creating a tessllated pattern be mindful of keeping your tiles edges as straight as possible. To create a good pattern the tiles need to be perfectly aligned.
Mosaic project ideas using tessellation: Try creating a decorative panel, garden boarder, tabletop or tray.
Examples of Tessellated Patterns:
Tessellated mosaic pattern Tesellated mosaic pattern Tesselatted mosaic pattern
Examples of Tessellated Mosaics:
Tesellated mosaic border Tessellated mosaic boarder