Great Tips for Working on 3 Dimensional Surfaces in Mosaics

October 13, 2013


Have you ever tried working on a 3 dimensional surface, only to have the tiles & tesserae slip off or move around. This can be frustrating! To help you overcome this problem here are a few handy tips:

  • Choice of adhesive – tacky adhesives work best on 3 dimensional surfaces to hold the tesserae / tiles in place, these include cement based adhesives, liquid nails and mastic.
  • If using cement-based adhesive keep it fairly stiff to help the tesserae grip. Work on a small area at a time keeping that part of the object horizontal until the adhesive has set.
  • Temporary supports can be used on objects that can’t be laid horizontal; these include masking tape or cling wrap.
  • A fairly porous surface will accept the adhesive and grout better. Non porous materials like are more difficult to work with as they provide no grip, these materials include glass, plastic and glazed ceramic.
  • Use the shape of the object to work out where to begin, for instance if it’s a bowl start in the middle this way the pieces can’t move.


How to make a mosaic bowl