How To Create Mosaic Designs Simply - Even If You Can't Draw!

October 13, 2014


Here is a simple technique at allows you to create a mosaic designs, even if you can't draw! If you can trace a picture, cut it out and draw an outline, you can create a mosaic design.

Step 1

Source a picture that you would like to use in your design. Children's cartoon books are a great place to start, the drawings are big with little detail, which is perfect for mosaics. Other sources include clip art or stained glass patterns. 


How to make a mosaic design even if you can't draw 

Step 2

Trace around the design with a piece of tracing paper. You may find that you loose some unnecessary detail in this step.

Trace your mosaic design with tracing paper 

Step 3

Cut the design out from the tracing paper (opps its now a fish not a much for consistency!)

Cut around the design

Step 4

Positioning the design elements, moving them around until you are happy with the design. You can create depth by overlapping the elements. 


Trace around the shapes to create your mosaic design


Tracing around design for mosaic project

Step 5

Transfer your finalised design to the baseboard. You can do this two ways:

1. Cut around the outer design, then trace the shape onto your baseboard. Keep working inwards, cutting the design away and tracing the shape as you go.

Design ready to mosaic


2. Turn the tracing paper over and trace around the design with a lead pencil, then turn it over and trace over the design on your baseboard. This will transfer the design to your baseboard.

The completed design ready to mosaic