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    How to Remove Dried Grout from your Mosaic

    removing dried grout from a mosaic

    Removing dried grout from your mosaic is a difficult and messy process. Having done this a few times I'd recommend spending more time on the grouting process and trying to get it right the first time.

    Mosaic Gazing Balls by Joanne Holmes

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    A Guide to Buying Mosaic Tiles Online

    tips for buying your mosaic supplies online

    Here are a few tips and general advice to help you buy mosaic tiles online. These tips should help you get tiles that are suitable for your project, in the colour you are after and the correct quantity to complete your project.

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    Learn How to Make a Mosaic Mural

    Mosaic murals are a popular project, the perfect way to add your own touch to your home. This guide outlines the process of creating a mural (picture) step by step. 

    Mosaic: Outdoor Shower by Surf by Cat Davies

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    Beginners Guide to Grouting Mosaic Projects

    a beginners guide to grouting your mosaic project

    Grouting your mosaic piece is a really important part of the process, get it wrong and you can ruin all your hard work. This beginners guide will get you started if you have never grouted before or are unsure if you are following the correct process.

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    Common Mosaic Questions Answered!

    Mosaic Tabletop by Jackie Perry

    I am often asked questions from mosaic enthusiasts, both beginners and people that have been mosaicing for years. So for the next few weeks I am going to share the most commonly asked questions and provide you with as much information as I can. Much of the information is already located on our website, but I am going to attempt to bring it all together for you.

    Mosaic Tabletop by Jackie Perry

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    A Gorgeous but Simply Mosaic Project to Make

    Mosaic mirror craft project made with colourful mosaic tiles

    Photo frames or mirrors are a quick and easy mosaic project, perfect for beginners or someone just looking for a simple mosaic project to make. In this project I have featured our newest product range, Recycled Glass Tiles. These tiles are absolutely gorgeous in there vibrantly colours and variety of shapes and sizes.

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    Transferring Images onto Glass Tiles

    DIY Clear Mosaic Tiles

    Searching the internet the other day I came across a really unique way to decorate mosaic tiles, it's so simple and lots of fun! When finished you will have a very unique mosaic tile to use as a feature within your mosaic.

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    How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tiles

    learn how to cut glass mosaic tiles

    This 'How to Mosaic' demonstrates the most common cuts for glass tiles and build on the information contained in the previous blog post, so if you're new to mosaics or the cutting of glass tiles make sure you read both of these topics.

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    How Many Mosaic Tiles Do I Need for My Project?


    When starting a project it's important to estimate how many tiles or tesserae you will need to complete the project. It's very frustrating running out of materials, having to wait to finish your project or finding out that the colour of the batch has changed since you made the initial purchase.

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    Transferring the Design onto your Mosaic Base

    grid method to transfer designing for mosaics


    This topic looks at transferring your image (photo, cartoon, drawing) or pattern onto your base. This method is known as 'Grid Drawing' and is extremely useful and well worth mastering. If your not confident with your drawing skills or wishing to enlarge a pattern than give this method a try!

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    What Mosaic Base Should I Use?

    What surfaces are suitable to be mosaiced

    Mosaics can be applied to practically any surface including bowling balls and styrofoam forms. This article looks at common mosaic bases, their pro's and con's and what adhesives can be used. Ultimately the choice of a mosaic base or substrate is determined by many factors, including the mosaic's intended use, location, type of project, cost and individual choice.

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    Learn How to Make Your Own Picture Tiles

    mosaic photo frame using glass gems to make words

    This week's 'How To Mosaic' demonstrates just how easy it is to make your own picture tiles. They are a fantastic way to incorporate special memories, words or designs into your projects. You can really let your creativity go wild these tiles. Other ideas include making your own glass pendants, magnets or special decorations to hang from the Christmas tree.

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    Making Mosaic Mushrooms - See Our Latest Mosaic Project

    Mosaic Mushrooms

    Mosaic Mushroom by Mary Foley

    I have never been known to do anything in halves, take on a project and watch it grow. This is what's happened to our mushroom project. It started as a small project to demonstrate how to make a mosaic mushrooms, to making some for the front of our warehouse, to making a massive piece for our towns up coming Lake Light Sculptures Event on the Easter Long Weekend. 

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