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Fri, Sep 15, 2023

Craft This Stunning Mandala Stone

The Mandala Stone Mosaic project is really awesome and introduces you to the wonderful world of mandalas! A mandala is a special design made of geometric patterns that represent peace and unity. It's like a beautiful circle filled with intricate shapes and colours. When you create mandala designs on these mosaic stones, it adds a sense of calm and beauty to your artwork. Mandalas have been around for a long time and are found in different cultures. They're like a symbol of balance and mindfulness. So, let's have fun making mosaic stones with mandala designs and enjoy the peaceful vibes they bring!


This project is perfect for both beginners and experienced mosaic enthusiasts, as only requires the simple cutting of tiles. Whether you're new to mosaics or have some prior experience, you can dive right into this project and create a stunning artwork. It's a great opportunity to explore your creativity and enjoy the art of mosaic-making with ease.




Project Instructions







  1. Choose Your Materials


2. Determine The Centre Of The Stone


Each Round Mosaic Stone has a tiny dot at its centre.


2. Adhere The Tiles


Before you begin, it's helpful to have a concept in mind for your design. Start by placing a the tiles in the following order, radiating out from the centre of the design:


1) Round crystal 20mm glass tile - centre of the design

2) 8 x Pointed glass drops

3) 8 x Peacock eye glass tiles

4) 8 x Pointed glass drops

5) Adhere the glass dots at the points of the Peacock eye tiles

6) Cut the 2cm crystal glass tiles into small pieces and adhere them around the mandala as a background


The easiest way to adhere the tiles is to spread a bed of adhesive onto the mandala and position the tiles in the adhesive.


3. Grouting


When it's time to grout, remember to wear gloves to protect your hands, as the grout can dry them out. Mix a small amount of powdered grout with water until it reaches a porridge-like consistency. Apply a small amount of grout onto the tiles and work it into the gaps between them. Once you've covered the entire mosaic, remove the excess grout and let it dry.


4. Buff Clean

After the grout has started to dry and become dull, use a sponge to carefully remove the excess grout. Allow it to dry for 24 hours, and then give it a final buff-up to eliminate any remaining excess grout.


5. Adding Tile Detail


Adhere the centre dot and small petals to the top of the tiles once your grout has dried and you've buffed the grout off. Apply a small amount of clear drying adhesive to the back of the tiles and carefully place them so the adhesive doesn't come out of the sides. Clear silicone adhesive is great for this.


By following these steps, you'll finish your mosaic stone project and admire the amazing outcome of your creative work!





Sky Blue Porcelain Daisy - 5cm


Blue Porcelain Flower - 5cm


Green Porcelain Daisy - 5cm


Purple Porcelain Daisy - 5cm