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Tue, Nov 01, 2022

A Guide To Buying Mosaic Tiles Online

uide to buying mosaic tiles online


Here are a few tips and general advice to help you buy mosaic tiles online. These tips should help you get tiles that are suitable for your project, in the colour you are after and the correct quantity to complete your project.


Tile Colours Can Vary With Computer Monitors


While we take every effort to display tile colours accurately, the colour that you see is something we can't control. This is the same for every online retailer and is a result for variations in computer monitors.The colour displayed is affected by the make, brand, model, graphic card and the adjustable colour settings of a monitor.


If you are uncertain about the colour we can send select samples at a nominal charge.


Grab a Ruler


When choosing your tiles grab a ruler and use it as a reference when looking at their size. Your eyes can trick you, when looking at product photo's, into thinking the tiles are larger or smaller than they actually are.


Plan Your Quantities


Taking time to plan your quantities. This will save you not only money in extra postage but also frustration if they are out of stock when you go to re-order or the batch has changed. We have an online Mosaic Materials calculator on this website which will assist you with this calculation, plus an article that looks at how to calculate the amount of materials that you need.


Tile Colours Can Vary Between Batches


Tiles are manufactured in batches according to colour recipes. Like other materials such as wool, variations can occur between different batches. This is true of all manufacturers, including the most expensive Italian tiles.


With this in mind, we recommend that you order enough tiles to complete your project. Ordering tiles a little at a time creates the potential for colour variations to occur.


Look at the Suitability of the Tiles


With all of our products we provide information on the suitability of the tiles. There are some tiles are recommended for inside use only or not to be used in direct sunlight. This information provided based on the recommendations of the manufacturer and with the long term durability of your project in mind.



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