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Mon, Mar 27, 2023

Design You Own Tiles



This article demonstrates how easy it is to customise tiles to match your project design. They are a fantastic way to special memories, words or designs to your project. You can let your creativity go wild with these tiles. Other ideas include making your own glass pendants, magnets or unique decorations to hang from the Christmas tree.


  • Clear Glass Tiles
  • Scissors
  • Good quality clear drying PVA adhesive
  • Paintbrush to apply your adhesive
  • Image to adhere to tile (make sure the quality is good)


1. Gather Your Images


Your images can include print outs from the internet, photos, works of art, letters, clipping from newspapers or poems. You can include anything that can be adhered to a glass tile!

Gather your images

2. Glue The Paper Images To Your Tiles


  • Use a clear drying PVA adhesive, like Weldbond or Sullivans.
  • Brush the adhesive onto the paper, ensuring that you cover an area the size of the tile. Apply the paper to the back of the transparent glass tile.
  • Work the excess glue from under the tile. You could use a small ruler or squeegee to do this by gently rubbing it over the tile.
  • Leave it to dry completely, then cut the excess paper from around the tile using a pair of sharp scissors.
Apply the adhesive

3. Adhere Your Tiles To The Base


  • A thin coat is all you need as they aren't heavy and have a paper backing.
  • Once you've adhered the paper to the tile, don't change the placement, as you could wreck the tile.
  • Keep the tiles close together to minimise the amount of grout you will need.
  • I've cut some of the tiles into smaller sizes and rectangles to add size and shape variation to the mosaic. You might choose not to cut your tiles; it's entirely up to you.
how to make picture tiles

4. Grouting


  • Mix your powdered grout with water to create a thick paste. This is to reduce the amount of water, these tiles are paper-backed, and water is not their friend. If you use too much water, it will creep under the tiles creating watermarks. Mix the grout to a smooth paste with no lumps. Keep some of your grout aside just in case you need to thicken the grout later.
  • Spread the grout all over the top of the tiles and sides, making sure to work it into the gaps.
  • Once you have applied the grout, you will need to wipe it off straight away; we recommend using wet ones as they contain just the right amount of moisture. If you use a sponge, you will have too much water.
  • Once you have wiped away the excess grout, allow it to dry for 20 minutes, use a soft cloth, and wipe the mosaic clean.
make picture tiles



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