Dark Blue Ceramic Petals

These lovely ceramic petals are perfect for making a variety of shapes, including flowers. Fired at high temperatures, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each packet contains a random mix of 2 petal sizes.

  • Quantity - 50 grams, approximately 45 to 50 petals (note: the number of ceramic tiles varies due the random mix of 2 different sized petals)
  • Mix of 2 different sizes:
    • Small petal is 14mm long and 6mm wide
    • Large petal is 21mm long and 9.5mm wide
    • Depth (thickness) - 5 mm
  • Pointed ovals
  • Material - Ceramic glazed face, flat unglazed back for easy adhesion, sides unglazed.
  • High fired ceramic
  • Uva resistant
  • Can be cut with wheeled nippers
  • To use outside please seal the back with diluted PVA