4 Step Framework for

Securing Approval for

School Mosaic Projects


This framework is designed to guide educators through the process of proposing and planning a mosaic art project. With this guide, you'll have everything you need to successfully co-ordinate and secure approval for your next mosaic project.

1. Craft Your Pitch

Understand the Value: Highlight the educational, social, and aesthetic benefits of incorporating a mosaic project into the curriculum. Mosaic art encourages creativity, collaboration, and can beautify school spaces, making them more vibrant and inspiring.

Prepare Your Case: Anticipate potential concerns from the administrative staff and prepare responses. Emphasize how the project can be integrated into the curriculum and the positive impact it can have on student engagement and school culture.

2. Budgeting and Planning

Collaborate for a Custom Quote: Reach out to The Mosaic Stre for a personalized consultation. We can help you create a detailed budget that includes all necessary supplies such as tiles, grout, and tile cutting tools, along with any additional resources you might need.


Present a Detailed Plan: Include a timeline that accounts for planning, execution, and completion phases. Though timelines will vary, a clear outline demonstrates project feasibility and commitment to organization.


3. Leveraging Support

Expertise on Call: We can help you to strengthen your proposal by showcasing other successful projects. We offer advice on pitching the project, ensuring you have robust support in highlighting the educational value and feasibility of your mosaic project.



Don't forget your discount: The Mosaic Store offers generous school discounts for supplies, ensuring the project is cost-effective and resource-efficient.


4. Making the Request

Formal Proposal Submission: Compile your pitch, detailed budget, and project plan into a cohesive proposal. Ensure it aligns with school goals and budgetary cycles for the best chance of approval.


Follow-Up and Flexibility: Be prepared to answer questions and possibly adjust your plan based on feedback. Openness to collaboration and modification can be key to securing approval.


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