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Special Order Bulk Products

These products are Special Order Products which aren't stocked by The Mosaic Store but are available through our supplier network. These items are ordered from our suppliers at the time your order is placed with us. The advantage of offering Special Order Products is that you have access to products that we wouldn't usually stock, giving you a greater selection of mosaic materials. 

These products are supplied differently from the products we stock in our warehouse, so please read the following points carefully before placing your order.

  • These products are generally available with a short lead-time, typically 2-3 weeks. We will contact you should the lead time be greater than this, or our supplier is out of stock of the item.
  • There are no returns, cancellations or exchanges on Special Order Products so please choose carefully. 
  • We strongly recommend placing an order for these items separately from our stocked items, as your order will not be sent until the special order items have arrived.

Glass Snippets - 1kg (Special Order)

Stained Glass Circles - Full Sheet (Special Order)

Stained Glass Squares 250 gms (Special Order)

Mini Metallic 1cm - 500 gms (Special Order)

Iridised Glass Ovals - Full Sheet (Special Order)

Iridised Glass Circles - Full Sheet (Special Order)

Regalia Mirror Diamond - 100 gms (Special Order)

Regalia Mirror Petals - 100 gms (Special Order)

Crystal Glass Melts - 1kg (Special Order)

Stained Glass Petals - 250 gms (Special Order)

Stained Glass Diamonds - 250 gm (Special Order)

Stained Glass Circles - 250 gms (Special Order)

Gloss & Iridised Glass Petals - 500 gms (Special Order)

12mm Metallic Glass Tiles - 250 gms (Special Order)

Glass Triangles - Bulk (Special Order)

Large Glass Dots - 1kg (Special Order)

Mini Glass Diamonds - 500 gms (Special Order)

Micro Glass Tiles - 100 gms (Special Order)

Mini Transparent Glass Tiles 1cm - Full Sheet (Special Order Product)

Ceramic Charms - Bulk (Special Order)

Large Mixed Glass Droplets - 1kg (Special Order)

Glass Stixs (20x6mm) - 500 gms (Special Order)

Silverfoil Glass Tiles 1 cm - 1kg (Special Order)

XL Ceramic Petals - Full sheet (Special Order)

Glass Dots - 500 gms (Special Order Product)

Glass Droplets - 1kg (Special Order Product)

Ceramic Petals 500 gms (Special Order)

Ceramic Discs - 500 gms Bags (Special Order)

Ceramic Puzzle Pieces - 1kg (Special Order)

Ceramic Rectangles - 500 gms (Special Order)

8mm Glass Tiles - 1kg Special Order

Ceramic Teardrops - 500 gms (Special Order)

Ceramic Triangle - 500 gms (Special Order)

Mirrors - Full Sheets (Special Order)

Gold Streak 1cm - Full Sheets (Special Order)

Irregular Glass - 500 gms (Special Order)

Shimmer Irregular Glass - 500 gms (Special Order)

Frosted Irregular Glass - 500 gms (Special Order)

Glass Gems Bulk (Special Order)

Byzantine Soft Stone - 1kg (Special Order)

XL Glass Gems 2kg (Special Order)

XL Glass Triangles - 500gm (Special Order Product)