Light Orange Crystal Glass Mosaic Tiles Irregular (H10)

Crystal glass tiles are vibrant in colour and have a unique depth within the tile. Made of clear molded glass the colour is adhered to the bottom of the tile. Rounded edges and a completely flat face create a 'soft' appearance in the tile. Easily cut with wheeled nippers they are suitable for indoors and out, and are fade and frost resistant.

Each 100gm packet contains approx 50-60 tiles (this varies due to size variations), Irregular shaped sizes vary from 5 mm to 2-3 cm's.

Note: Due to the irregular shape of these tiles the coloured backing on these tiles can be missing in areas. There is an amount within each packet which is unusable because of this. We have taken this into account in the pricing of this product. Please bear this in mind when determining the quantities you need.