Gold Mirror Tiles - 2 cm (4mm thick) (O7)

These stunning mirrors are made from clear glass with a thick heavy duty reflective coating on the back . Sold in strips of 28 tiles they are 2 x 2 cm's in size and 4mm high (same height as a standard glass mosaic tile).

Mirrors always add a little extra brightness to mosaics and also require a little extra care. To ensure your mirrors last the test of time sealing is recommended (particularly for mosaics subject to moisture). We have found that the Weldbond is enough to seal the back and edges when adhering to a flat or semi-flat surface (1 part Weldbond to 3 parts water and brush on the edges). Taking a bit of care will help keep your mosaic art project shiny and beautiful for many years.

    Quantity - 28 tiles
  • Approximate Size
    • Depth (thickness) - 0.4 cm's
    • 2 cm Square
  • Material - Clear mirror with highly reflective and durable coating on back of tile
  • The tiles come on a strip of clear film, and can be easily removed