Celadon Green Ceramic Circle Tiles 5x3mm

These gorgeous Ceramic Circle Tiles are some of the smallest ceramic tiles in the world. At only 5x3mm in size, they are perfect for micro mosaics, mosaic jewellery, outlines or intricate detail within a mosaic. Made using a specialised process, they are actually molded, glazed and fired as tiny as you see them.

  • Quantity - 25 grams, approximately 220 to 250 tiles
  • Material - Ceramic glazed face, flat unglazed back for easy adhesion
  • Tweezers recommended as these tiles are tiny
  • Can be cut with wheeled nippers
  • They can be used both indoors and out, with the exception of frost prone areas
  • This product is a speciality item which is extremely difficult to manufacture, this is reflected in the price.