Learning Mosaics as a Craft in Australia



Art Programmes are no longer as important as they used to be in schools. Twenty years ago, it was actually a compulsory subject in both public and private schools, but these days, most schools just offer it as an elective.

Luckily, social media sharing site YouTube is allowing creative people to share their art knowledge and skills. Everybody who?s looking for an artistic outlet for free weekends can just search through all the tutorials for DIY craft projects for inspiration. Pinterest is also a great site to visit for mosaic project ideas.

Because of the stronger need for artistic expression, more and more stores are popping up to cater to individuals who enjoy creating something beautiful and useful with their own hands. One of these stores is specialtyartglass.com.au which caters to people who are into mosaics. Anybody who loves the easy concept of gluing, painting, and mixing and matching materials to create a beautiful image will definitely find a bounty of projects to do with the supplies available through the online store. Those who are looking to buy mosaic supplies for DIY crafts can choose from a large variety of tiles and other interesting materials the store has glass, ceramic, shells of different sizes, colours and shapes, cutters, adhesives and pigments for colouring or painting tiles.

If you're looking to beautify your home or expand your fashion arsenal one project at a time, you can use these supplies for endless weekends of DIY. Not only will you find more satisfaction in creating your own style essentials, but you will be able to save more money as well (as opposed to simply buying decorative pieces from the mall). To help you jumpstart your endless weekends of fun DIY crafts,provided below are some project ideas.

1. Recycle out-of-date jewellery - Glass cabochons or cut ceramic tiles can replace old charms and pendants. Just glue it to a bottle cap or felt cloth (in the size of the glass cabochon or tile to be used), puncture a small hole through the cap or felt cloth, then slip a jump ring through it and voila! A new charm for your bracelet or necklace.

2. Create personalised coasters - Plain ceramic tiles can be decorated using permanent markers to create personalised coasters that can also replace place cards for sit-down dinner parties.

3. Add more character to stained terracotta pots - Glass tiles can be smashed and then glued to these pots for a more stylish overall appeal (or you can use different sizes of pebbles). With the finished product, you don't even need to put plants in the pot to beautify your home.

4. Create a colourful countertop for your kitchen - Ceramic and glass tiles are easy to clean plus they can brighten up your kitchen if you use vibrant hues. Lay the tiles attractively on the counter top, secure them in place with glue, then to create a smooth flat surface, add cement and level it to the height of the tiles. Wipe away cement from the tiles, wait for it to dry, and you get a new beautiful countertop.