Learn How To Make Polymer Clay Tiles

Polymer clay tiles allow for a huge amount of creative freedom that commercially made tiles simply don't have. With these tiles you have:

✅ An almost unlimited colour choice

✅ The ability to add your own textures and finishes so that you can theme your mosaic

✅ The ability to add letters, words and quotes of your choice to your work

✅ Freedom to create tiles to the size and thickness that you desire

✅ Combine your tiles with other mixed media materials to create unique mosaics, and most importantly

✅ The enjoyment of creating your own tiles

Polymer clay is a versatile man-made clay that is ease to work with and comes in a huge variety of colours and finishes. It is used by artists and hobbyists ranging from children to professional artists and movie makers. In mosaics this material gives you a huge amount of freedom to create indoor tiles in the size, colour and finishes that you desire.

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