Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a versatile man-made clay that is ease to work with and comes in a huge variety of colours and finishes. It is used by artists and hobbyists ranging from children to professional artists and movie makers. In mosaics this material gives you a huge amount of freedom to create tiles in the size, colour and finishes that you desire.

The beauty of Polymer clay is that it stays continually soft and can be baked at a low temperature in a home oven, retaining its colour and size. It is available in many colours and finishes and various techniques are applied that enable the user to simulate other materials such as stone, glass, wood and precious metals to name just a few. The tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors, but not positioned in areas that subject to direct sunlight as they made fade.

Premo Sculpey does not crumble and is not brittle after baking, It has a firm smooth texture, is non-toxic and comes in a vast choice of colour.

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