Jewellery Adhesive & Tools

What Tools & Supplies Do I Need To Get Started in

Mosaic Jewellery Making?

We recommend that you keep it really simply when first starting out, all you need is some glue, grout and tweezers. We have cutting tools available should you wish to cut your tiles, but they are not necessary if you are purchasing the smaller micro tiles and beads. There are two different adhesive options available, E6000 & Weldbond. Both will work well, the different between them is that E6000 is supplied in a smaller quantity and is a thicker adhesive. It's a little bit harder to work with than Weldbond, but being thicker it will allow you to build up the height of your materials.  

The size of the adhesive and grout available is specific to Mosaic Jewellery Making, but if you would like larger quantities, just click here to go to our General Mosaic Tools & Adhesives  section.

We have grout available in a neutral colours and grout colourant in brighter colours. Instructions on mixing and applying grout are supplied with your grout purchase.