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    How to Mosaic a Violin

    So what do you do with a violin that your daughters music teacher won't let her use? Mosaic it of course! Get step by step instructions to create your own.

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    How to Make A Mosaic Table

    mosaic table top

    What better way to decorate your home and give an old table a new lease on life that to mosaic it. Because of their flat surface tables make a relatively easy mosaic project, which will give joy for many years to come.

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    How To Make a Mosaic Bowl

    how to make a mosaic bowl

    This project takes an old ceramic bowl and gives it a new lease on life. This is project is quite simple with limited cutting of tiles involved, great for anyone that is new to mosaics.

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    What Adhesive is Right for Your Project

    Quick Reference Guide to Choosing Adhesives

    When creating a mosaic it is important to choose the correct adhesive and ensure that it is compatible with the base or substrate you are using. To help you choose the correct adhesive we have complied this quick reference guide.

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    How To Make A Mosaic Boot

    mosaic boot project

    This amazing Mosaic Boot is a great feature for any garden. Its an advanced project and definately one to aspire to make.

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    How to Make a Mosaic Mirror

    how to make a mosaic mirror

    Mosaic Mirrors are a great way to decorate your home and also make lovely gifts. This mosaic mirror has been designed for those amongst you that are just starting out in mosaics and want a relatively simple yet decorative project to complete.

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    How to Make a Mosaic Clock

    how to make a mosaic clock

    Fun to make and functional, this Mosaic Clock is a great way to add a personal touch to your home! Why not customise your design to accent the colour scheme and decor of the room.

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    How to Make a Mosaic Tray

    how to make a mosaic tray

    Stylish and functional this mosaic tray is a simple mosaic project that can be completed in a weekend. It's a great project for those of you that are new to the art of mosaics!

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