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    News — how to mosaic

    Mini Mosaic Pots - The Perfect Present!

    Mini mosaic Cement pots are a great mosaic project for beginners and children. They are colourful, easy to make, and very in-expensive. A great gift idea.

    These Mini Mosaic Pots are the perfect Christmas present; bright, fun, easy to make and truly unique. Absolutely no cutting of tiles is required to make these beautiful pots, making them perfect for everyone to make.

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    Mosaic Coasters - Simply Beautiful Presents!

    Three Beautiful Mosaic Coaster Projects
    Mosaic Coasters are a simple mosaic project, which are not only perfect for beginners but a great piece of decorative mosaic art. They are, like mosaic jewellery and Mosaic Stones, great Christmas presents as they are fast to make and in-expensive. Today we have three beautiful mosaic projects to inspire you! 

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    Ho Ho Ho...A Lovely Mosaic Project!

    ho ho ho christmas decoration

    Can you believe its less than a month till Christmas! Being lovers of all things Christmas, we have been getting into the spirit this week by making this lovely Christmas Decoration. This project is great for beginners and experienced mosaicists alike.

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    How to Make A Mosaic Stepping Stone

    Mosaic stepping stones by Colleen Lang

    Mosaic Stepping Stone are a wonderful addition to the garden and a great mosaic project for beginners and experienced mosaicists alike. This 'How to Mosaic' looks at the two techniques you can use to create your own beautiful piece of garden art.

    Mosaic stepping stones by Colleen Lang.


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    Expressions Mosaic Mirror Project

    expressions mosaic mirror project
    This contemporary mosaic mirror project is fun, colourful and very unique. It's an easy project that is suitable for both beginners and advanced mosaicists.

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    Revealed: Common Mosaic Mistakes

    Common mosaic mistakes to avoid

    In this week's 'How to Mosaic and Project Ideas' newsletter I'm outlining some mistakes which are commonly made in mosaics. I know I've certainly made one on or two of these myself and I'm sure a number of my readers have also.

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    How to Use Colour in Mosaics

    understanding colour in mosaics - Mosaic portrait by Beverely Less

    Colour is a critical element in your mosaic design, so having an understanding of some basics can help you achieve the look you are after in mosaics. To find out about some fundamental colour principles read more....

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    Creating Eyes in Mosaics

    learn how to create eyes in a mosaic

    Creating eyes in a mosaic piece can be a daunting task. Why, because you need to get them right. Get them wrong and your piece won't look right. Here are some tips and materials you can use to get a great result.

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    How To Use Mosaic Mesh

    self adhesive or sticky mesh

    The starting point for this topic is to understand why you use mesh to create a mosaic. Mesh can be used to create a mosaic in instances where the installation is difficult or you have to or would like to work away from the installation site. It can also be useful when a number of individuals are working together on the same project. 

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    Make This Christmas One to Remember!

    Well its that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner! What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to make your own Christmas decorations and gifts. This beautiful decoration has been made by one of our team, Bianca. We hope you enjoy this project!

    mosaic christmas tree decoration

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    How to Colour Grout

    "Australian Spring" Birdbath is by Australian Mosaic Artist Christopher Diaz

    Pre-coloured grouts tend to come in a range of fairly standard colours; white, black, brown, beige, and grey. So what do you do it your after something different? Why not try colouring it yourself!

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    Using Shadows in Mosaics

    Using shadows in mosaics, Bug by Barb Keith

    Learning how to create shadows within a mosaic will add a realistic element to your design by creating depth and a 3-D effect. They are integral in replicating life and achieving realism.

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    Make This Gorgeous Ceramic Love Heart Tray

    mosaic ceramic love heart tray

    With Christmas just around the corner it's time to start thinking about planning your handmade Christmas gifts. This 'Ceramic Love Heart Tray' would make the perfect gift for someone special. It's simple to make yet completely unique, a gift that would be loved and appreciated.

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    Learn How to Cut Ceramic Tiles - Tips & Techniques

    how to cut ceramic tiles using cutters, files, and scribers

    Ceramic tiles are a fantastic material to use; they are vibrant in colour, economical, durable and can be cut to larger sizes than glass mosaic tiles. As they can be more difficult to cut than glass mosaic tiles, some people prefer to stick with glass tiles rather than exploring the possibilities of ceramic tiles. In this how to mosaic article I will look at the tools that you can use to cut ceramic tiles and the techniques you can use to cut them. It is definitely worth giving ceramic tiles are try as it opens up the range of materials you can use and the finishes you can achieve.

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    Make Your Own Mosaic Blackboard

    mosaic blackboard project

    Here is a fun project for you! Making your own mosaic blackboard is a lot simpler than you think. Make one for your home or give it away, its a unique project that you're guaranteed to enjoy.

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