Moroccan Inspired Mosaic Photo Frame - New project idea

July 21, 2019

Moroccan Inspired Photo Frame

The Moroccan Micro Tile range is a fantastic range of tiles to work with, as they are so small that you don't need to cut them, and they have a unique earthenware Moroccan look.  This project is really very simple, it's the choice of materials and layout that add the detail, texture and interest. 

Materials used in this project include the following selection:

The process simply involves adhering the tiles to the MDF base, I started from the outside edge and worked inwards making sure to keep straight lines. The pattern is as follows:

  • The outer row has been created by placing Large Ceramic Teardrops side by side in alternating directions.
  • The next row is formed with alternative Micro Ceramic Tiles with a small flower bead embellishment in the corner.
  • Small Ceramic Teardrops are then placed in alternative directions.
  • The inner row is formed with alternating nano and oval ceramic tiles, colour choice is up to you!

The colour choice is completely up to you as all Micro Tiles colours work with each other.

The end result, a beautiful and unique Moroccan Inspired mosaic photo frame which has been created with no cutting. You can make the similar mosaic, it's simply a matter of tile placement.


Moroccan mosaic mirror


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