Make This Gorgeous Ceramic Love Heart Tray

October 07, 2016


With Christmas just around the corner it's time to start thinking about planning your handmade Christmas gifts. This 'Ceramic Love Heart Tray' would make the perfect gift for someone special. It's simple to make yet completely unique, a gift that would be loved and appreciated. 

Materials list


1. Seal the MDF Tray. 

MDF is porous and prone to water damage so you will need to seal the base well. You can use diluted PVA adhesive (or Weldbond) as a sealer by diluting it in water in a ratio of 1 part PVA adhesive to 3 parts water.

2. Planning you design

This is a relatively simple by effective design. The focal points are the two love hearts with a patchwork quilt like effect being created by the irregular ceramic ties. The black boarder is create by using the rectangular black ceramic tiles. 

3. Cutting your tiles

If haven't cut ceramic tiles before or would like a bit of a refresher, just click on this link.

3. Apply your tiles

I've used Weldbond adhesive to adhere the tiles, but you could also use a cement based adhesive or a different PVA clear drying adhesive. You can either apply the adhesive directly to the back of the tile or apply the adhesive directly to the tray. If you apply it directly to the tray make sure you remove any excess adhesive before it dries, you will have to clean this up later if you don't.

Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure. Remove any excess adhesive prior to grouting; this is to ensure that no adhesive shows through the grout.

5. Grouting

I've used light grey grout which softens the overall design. As these ceramic tiles are fired at a lower temperature than other types of ceramic tiles, they don't have sharp edges, which can cut your fingers. A blessing during the grouting process!

Allow the grout to dry for 24 hours.

Click here to go to our Beginners Guide to Grouting.

6. Paint the Tray

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