Make These Gorgeous Mosaic Pendants

July 27, 2019

Mosaic Pendants

Mosaic Jewellery is such a fun project to make. Not only are they quick and in-expensive to make, they are very easy to personalise and a fantastic gift idea. All you need is a pendant base, a selection of mosaic materials, adhesive and a touch of grout - they are really that easy!

If you would like to make your own, here are some simple instructions to get you started. These beautiful pendants are also available as kits with everything you need to get started, it couldn't be easier. Just click on this link to go to our kits.

Step 1:
Collect your materials. The choice of materials is only limited by your imagination but can include: millefiori, beads, mirror, glass and ceramic tiles. Micro ceramic tiles are a great material, there small size is perfect and earthenware look.

In this project we have used Small Micro Ceramic Teardrops, they are the perfect size to get for these pendants with no cutting required. The middle of the pendant has single Micro Ceramic Circle.

Click here to see all the materials and bases that you can use to make Mosaic Jewellery.


Step 2:

Glue your pieces, your could use either Weldbond adhesive or E6000. Tweezers come in handy for placing the pieces into position.

Click to view adhesives

Once finished allow the glue to dry and clean up any excess adhesive using a small tool (toothpick, pin etc).

Step 3:

Grout your piece. You will only need a small amount of grout to fill the gaps between the tiles. 

  • Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours prior to grouting.
  • Prior to grouting clean the surface of the mosaic to ensure there is no loose particles etc. Also check that there is no dried adhesive is on the face of the tiles.
  • Cover the edges of the pendant with tape (masking or painters tape) to ensure that it is protected from the grout.
  • Mix the grout with water, it should be the consistency of thick oatmeal before it is applied. If you accidentally add to much water simply let it sit for a few minutes and it will thicken up, or you can add more grout. Stir until smooth. If mixing your own colour be sure to mix enough grout to cover the mosaic to ensure colour consistency. Allow the mix to stand for 10 minutes, re-stir and then the grout onto the tiles.
  • We suggest that you use gloves when working with grout, while it is non-toxic it can dry out your hands. Apply the grout to the top of the tiles, ensuring that the grout goes into the entire depth of the joint. Sculpt it on your edges to make a nice smooth edge, remove the excess grout with a your gloved hands or sponge.
  • Allow the piece to sit for 20-30 minutes or until the grout becomes hazy, then take a slightly damp sponge or cloth and wipe off the haze. Buff and shine the tiles with a dry cloth. Remove as much grout as you can from the tile surface, as it will be much harder to remove later. Do not use paper towels as they flake off and stick in your grout.

grout mosaic pendant to protect it while grouting

grouted mosaic pendant



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