How to Add Words and Numbers To Your Mosaic

July 29, 2016


Adding words and numbers to your mosaic is simply with our range of ceramic letters and numbers. Create initials, words, phrases easily by simply separating them and adhering them to your mosaic.

Made specifically for mosaicists, these ceramic letters can be separated with my hand or using a pair of household scissors as is demonstrated here:

Separating By Hand

Hold the two pieces firmly in your hand and snap them, they have been designed to be broken in this manner.

Ceramic Letters Separated by hand


Separating Using Scissors

If you are finding it difficult to separate the letters by hand, you can also use a pair of household scissors to do this. Don't use glass cutters as this will break the ceramic pieces.

separating the ceramic letters using scissors

Separated pieces ready to use.

separated ceramic letters and numbers



When grouting allow it to fill the spaces around the ceramic pieces and in the holes (for letters such as 'O' and 'P'). This will give you a well defined work or number. 

example of ceramic letters used to create words in mosaics


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