Give An Old Garden Pot a New Lease Of Life!

September 11, 2016


With the cold of winter fading fast, now is the time to start adding colour to your garden. Mosaic garden pots are a classic edition to any garden, bringing colour, texture and the charm of handmade pieces. A great way to add impact is to cluster a number of pots together, with similar designs but varying colour schemes, the impact is absolutely stunning.  

This project is a fantastic way to achieve a big impact. The irregular ceramic tiles being pre-cut make it a very simple and easy project to complete. Here are the instructions for you to make one or a few for yourself. With Christmas just around the corner they also make great gifts for special friends and loved ones. 

Materials list

  • A selection of Irregular Ceramic Mosaic Tiles
  • A terracotta pot - Grab a few of them in varying sizes to create impact 
  • Cement based adhesive
  • Primer & grout additive - this has a double purpose, to seal the pot prior to mosaicing & added to the grout to improve the grouts flexibility.
  • Black grout
  • Tools - Ceramic Tile Cutters, sponges, water & containers, rags for grouting.

Using Irregular Ceramic Tiles

Our irregular ceramic tiles are very easy to use as they are all pre-cut. They come in a great selection of gorgeous colours and some very unique patterns, including the polka dot tiles used in this project. Being made of a lightweight red clay they are fired at a low temperature. This means that they are relatively easy to cut but can't be used in projects that are going to be exposed to frosts or large temperature extremes. The pre-cut irregular shape means that you can get away without cutting, but if you want a close fit of tiles then some cutting will be required. A set of Ceramic Tile Cutters is all you will need to cut these tiles. The edges aren't sharp as can be the case with other types ceramic tiles; this is great for easy grouting.   

Click here to see the entire range of Irregular Ceramic Tiles.


A ceramic mosaic garden pot work in progress. Using irregular ceramic tiles to create a colourful and easy to make mosaic project. 


1. Source materials & pot

Seal the pot - I've used a primer & grout additive, which has a double purpose. You can use it to seal your pot prior to mosaicing & then add it to your grout in with water a ratio of 50/50 to improve the grouts flexibility.

Why seal your terracotta pot? Terracotta is a porous material; if you don't seal the pot the moisture will leach out of the adhesive and grout, causing them to dry out. Your grout develops cracks.

2. Planning you design

This is a relatively simple by effective design. Dark to light coloured red tiles graduating upwards on the main section of the pot. Alternating yellow, light orange and polka dot tiles on the rim of the pot.

3. Apply your tiles

I've used a waterproof cement based adhesive which is suitable for exterior use and & holds the tiles in place as you work on a rounded surface. You can either apply the adhesive directly to the back of the tile or apply the adhesive directly to the pot. If you apply it directly to the pot make sure you remove any excess adhesive before it dries, you will have to clean this up later if you don't.

Given that I'm working with tiles that are irregular in shape, I spent sometime ensuring that the fitted well next to each other. Doing this will minimise the amount of cutting you will need to do. If you are unsure of how to cut ceramic tiles, just click on this link to get some further information.

When adhering tiles to the top section of the pot have the lower ones over hang the curved edge of the rim. By doing this you won't get a large band of grout between the top rim and main section of the pot.

top rim of mosaic garden pot, with tiles over hanging to avoid unslightly grout lines.

Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure. Remove any excess adhesive prior to grouting; this is to ensure that no adhesive shows through the grout.

mosaic garden pot tiled and ready for grouting

5. Grouting

I've used black grout which makes the colourful ceramic tiles pop. As these ceramic tiles are fired at a lower temperature than other types of ceramic tiles, they don't have sharp edges, which can cut your fingers. A blessing during the grouting process!

Allow the grout to dry for 24 hours. 

Click here to go to our Beginners Guide to Grouting.


Mosaic Garden Pot made using colourful ceramic tiles.

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