An Introduction To Mixed Media Mosaics

May 17, 2021

An Introduction To Mixed Media Mosaics

While it is possible to make some amazing art using glass and ceramics, the introduction of other materials can ignite creativity and produce unexpected results. Mixed media mosaics introduces a wide variety of materials, offering different textures, finishes, sizes, shapes and colours. It involves pulling together various materials & mediums to create a mixed media mosaic that is abstract, rich, tactile and exciting. If you are fascinated by texture and pattern and arranging seemingly unrelated materials into a cohesive whole, mixed media mosaics could be for you.

The key elements of mixed media mosaics are:

  • Use of a wide variety of materials
  • The placement of materials close to one another keeping the viewers interested in the mosaic.
  • Grouting can be out of the question depending upon what materials are used. Instead, paint can be used as the backdrop for your mosaic.
  • Layering of materials is key in creating detail

To demonstrate how exciting mixed media mosaics can be here are some mixed media mosaics that we have created.



Materials That Can Be Used

The list of materials that can be used in mixed media mosaics is vast and only limited by your imagination. To help get you started we've identified some materials that you can use from our range.


So How Do You Layer Materials?

The layering of materials involves looking for opportunities to build the detail. For instance, take a round bead and add a small coloured rhinestone, and all of a sudden, you get a more exciting effect.

Another interesting effect is taking twisted-column beads and laying them side by side; this effect is shown below.

Keeping your materials close together is the key to creating this effect.


What Things Can You Mosaic With This Technique?

Like all mosaics, you need to make sure that the base is rigid and doesn't have any movement. In the example of the shoe, plaster cloth was used to make the shoe stiff before adhering the materials. Other items could include bags, hats or the more traditional bases like photo frames, mirrors. Let your imagination go wild!

 What Are The Steps In Making The Mosaic?

  1. Ensure your base is rigid
  2. If you're not grouting the mosaic paint the base, we've used black acrylic paint on all of the mosaics above.
  3. Using a clear drying PVA adhesive adhere your materials to the base. We've usedSullivans PVA adhesive.