How to Make A Mosaic Handbag

October 10, 2012


Create a fun Mosaic Handbag with these easy to follow step by step mosaic project instructions.
Project Instructions

  • A small handbag
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Polyester resin
  • Polyester catalyst
  • Fibreglass cloth
  • Something to mix the fibreglass
  • Paint brush to apply the mixed resin the bag
  • Drop sheet or newspaper
  • Scissors to cut the fibreglass cloth (not your best scissors)
  • Safety equipment - Safety glasses, gloves, long sleeve shirt
To get you started if your fibreglassing a small object you could purchase a fibreglass repair kit.

Note: The manufacturers safety instructions supersede these instructions and should always be followed. Please take appropriate safety precautions, i.e. safety goggles, gloves, long sleeved shirt, work in a well ventilated area and keep out of reach of children.


To give the handbag some weight and structure I first filled the bag with plaster of paris and allowed it to set.

In order to mosaic the handbag I had to create a rigid structure in the sections that where going to be tiled, fibreglass was used to accomplish this.


1. Cut a piece of fibreglass cloth (note I've used the cloth not the mat as it is easier to get a smoother surface with the cloth) to the approximate size of area. Use smaller bits of cloth to fill in any uncovered sections.
making a mosaic handbag project
2. Applying the mixed resin

  • Mixed resin is the Polyester resin + Polyester Catalyst (or hardener)
  • To apply the mixed resin you brush the resin onto the surface and then place the matting on top pressing it in. Apply more mixed resin on top of the matting until it becomes clear. To get a rigid surface I had to apply 5 layers of cloth and resin. If you are doing this in stages you may need to sand the individual layers to get satisfactory adhesion.

3. Cut off any strands of fibreglass cloth. If you need to sand the fibreglass to remove any bumps etc follow the manufacturer's instructions as it can cause skin irritations.

4. You need to get all movement out of the section you are going to mosaic. I found this to be the most difficult part of the project and ended up putting liquid nails under the flap of the handbag and taping it down until the adhesive took hold.

Part 2 - Mosaicing the Handbag

  • Liquid nails
  • A selection of mosaic materials
  • Wheeled nippers
Liquid nails was used to adhere the tiles, it is a tacky glue so take some time before grouting to ensure you remove all rements from the tiles. Note, you could also use a cement based adhesive. Allow the adhesive to fully cure before grouting.

Grouting time - As it is a brown leather bag I've used brown grout.
How to Make a Mosaic Handbag Project

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