Making Letters and Numbers for Your Mosaic

August 13, 2014


This week's 'How to Mosaic' looks at how to add letters and numbers to your mosaic. Adding letters & numbers is a great way to personalise your mosaic, use them to add the name of your child, to commemorate a special event or simply to create your own house number. This topic is really only limited by your imagination but if you're struggling for inspiration here are some great ideas and reference sources for you!

Ideas on How to Incorporate Letters & Numbers into your Mosaic

  • Add numbers & letters using scrabble pieces (indoor mosaics only)
  • Use clear glass gems and printed letters or numbers
  • Buy pre-cut craft letters and numbers and mosaic the top of them (available at Spotlight, Lindcraft and possibly Scrapbooking suppliers). These are cheap & will give you a 3-D look, just be sure to seal them well if you're using them in a moist environment)
  • Make them yourself using stained glass or ceramic tiles. I have included sources of fonts & patterns below.
  • Mosaic the letters & numbers, you can use the sources of fonts & patterns below.
Sources of Fonts & Patterns

  • Stained glass patterns are a great source of mosaic patterns; here are a few resources that have alphabets which can be used in your mosaic work. I haven't found any with number fonts so if you're aware of any please let me know.
  • - You can buy over 150 different fonts in a number of different font sizes on this website
  • Goofy Alphabet - A nice fun alphabet available for download at a small cost
  • - A huge number of designs featuring single letters
  • Aanraku Stained Glass Pattern Book Alphabets Vol. 1 (available on .com)
  • Believe it or not Flickr has a group dedicated to mosaic numbers which provide great inspiration for anyone embarking on a House Number project. If you've recently completed a project featuring numbers you could also add your work to the groups!
  • Print them using a word processing package