How to Make a Mosaic Easter Egg

February 07, 2019 1 Comment


What could be more fun than making your own Mosaic Easter Eggs. Create a special keepsake for your children or grandchildren, or just make some for yourself. Bright & colourful they will make great table decorations long after Easter has passed.

Easter Egg Made With Micro Tiles

Project Instructions



1. Plan your design.

You can use a felt tipped marker to draw the outline of your design on your egg and then fill in the shapes with tiles. A variety of sizes, shapes and colours work well in these designs. Micro Ceramic Tiles and Millefiori work particularly well as they are small and light weight in size.



    2. Glue your tiles onto the styrofoam egg. Apply the adhesive directly onto the egg with a small paint brush and use your tweezers to position each piece. Don't let dry adhesive accumulate on your egg as it will create an uneven surface. To create definition within the individual segments you can work in rows of colours like I've done with the small circle ceramic tiles.

    The adhesive needs to be tacky enough to hold the pieces in place while they dry. If you are making these eggs in hot temperatures you may need to use an adhesive that is tackier than a normal PVA adhesive. You could also try clear liquid nails or a tacky PVA adhesive if this is the case.

    3. Allow the glue to dry and clean up any excess adhesive using a small tool (repositioning tool, toothpick, etc).

    4. Grout your egg, in this case I've used brown grout. Pay particular attention during clean up to removing excess grout from the chain & beaded strands.

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      Eric Moore
      Eric Moore

      March 16, 2019

      Like what has been done here. The sample eggs are beautifully done. The procedure is easy & the possibility of using varied pieces/ products for the decorations means the patterns that can be made are limitless.
      Thankyou for the ideas.

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