A Wonderful Mosaic Photo Frame Project With Absolutely No Grouting

November 10, 2013

A Wonderful Mosaic Photo Frame Project With Absolutely No Grouting

Hands up if you love to mosaic but could take or leave grouting! If your hands in the air than you'll really enjoy this mosaic project. This photo frame project is not only has no grouting but is gorgeous too.   

Mosaic photo frame project

The technique to create this Mosaic Photo Frame is deceptively simple.

Materials Required:

  • Square Wooden Photo Frame - 25 x 25 cm's
  • Acrylic paint to paint the face and sides of the photo frame
  • A good clear adhesive such as Weldbond
  • A selection of tiles of various thicknesses, textures, shades and sizes.
  • Wheeled nippers for cutting of tiles
  • Steps to Create this Photo Frame:


  1. Paint the base - I've used a good quality black acrylic paint on the face and sides of the photo frame.
  2. Gather a selection of tiles 
  3. Applying the tiles - The tiles need to be laid so that there is no gaps between them, this is the challenge of this design. Your tile cuts need to be as straight as possible to achieve this. I have cut tiles but horizontally and vertically to create a contrast in the textures of the tiles. Tiles that have been cut vertically include molded glass tiles, venetian glass tiles, gold streak glass tiles and millefiori. Experiment to see what textures you can create; it will add another element to the design. Take you time in cutting and laying the tiles to get them as straight and close together as possible.
  4. If you like jigsaw puzzles than you'll enjoy making this project! Have fun....