Conditioning Your Clay

December 08, 2019

Conditioning polymer clay

What Does Conditioning Mean?

Conditioning the clay means moving it around until it is soft and workable so that it will stick to itself. It is an essential step in the making of polymer clay tiles.

How Do You Condition Your Clay?

  1. Cut a slice of clay from the blockfrom the block of clay.
  2. Roll it until it is 2-3 mm thick using an acrylic roller.
  3. Slice the rolled clay in half with a blade. We recommend slicing the clay instead for folding it as air can get trapped if the clay is folded.
  4. Stack the pieces and roll the clay again to 2-3mm thick.
  5. Do this 6 or more times until you can bend the clay without it cracking on the fold line.
  6. On your final roll, roll it to the desired thickness.

If you are planning to make a lot of tiles you can also use a clay rolling machine to condition the clay.

Conditioning the polymer clay