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Mosaics Schools Program - Assistance for Teachers stock-your-studio-program Mosaics for Children kits materials and how to information

Select your mosaic tiles and materials easily by colour and sizeSelect Your Mosaic Tiles by ColourSelect Your Mosaic Tiles by SizeMosaic Tiles Calculator makes it easy to work out how many tiles you need for your mosaics

Mosaic tiles on sale or discounted  Buy new mosaic tiles online from australias largest supplier  Mosaic Tools & Supplies available online in australia  2 cm Glass Mosaic Tiles for craft and art

Iridised Glass Mosaic Tiles 2cm  Mosaic_Kits_for_Beginners_and_children.gif  Silverfoil-Glass-Mosaic-Craft-Tiles-2cm  Coloured Iridised Glass Tiles 2cm

1 cm glass mosaic tiles for mosaic craft  Crystal Mosaic Glass Tiles 2 cm  Iridised Glass Gems for mosaic craft  Mosaic Tiles tesserae Colour Pack offer a great variety of materials

Colourful Irregular Crystal Glass Mosaic Tiles in Assorted colours and Sizes  Metalic-glass-Tiles-2  Decorative Ceramic Tiles for Mosaic Crafts  Glitter-Glass-Tiles-2cm-Banner

Gold streak glass mosaic tiles 2cm have a gold line through the tile  Glitter-Glass-Tiles-Irregular-Banner  Tumbled-Glass-Pieces  Crystal glass Mosaic Tiles for craft and art 1cm

Mosaic glass droplets for craft and art projects  Iridised glass mosaic tiles have throw off beautiful colours in the light  Square Ceramic Mosaic Tiles are perfect for children and beginners to mosaics  decorative-embellishments-II-2

Flat Ceramic Pebbles are a great mosaic material  Flat Glass Pebbles are a stunning and easy material for mosaics  Mirror-Tiles  Marbled glass mosaic tiles have a subtle marbled colour, stunning in mosaic projects



Mosaic projects with step by step instructions Online Mosaic Art Gallery for inspiration and project ideasLearn how to make mosaics easily


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The Mosaic Store is an Australian online Mosaics Supplier which specialises in beautiful & unique mosaic tiles & materials. It doesn't matter whether you are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Darwin, we service all areas with our unique flat $5 postage rate. We also cater for all skill levels from beginners looking for a craft hobby to skilled mosaic artists, including children and school groups. We can get you started with our How to Mosaic information, be inspired with our mosaic gallery or find some mosaic projects to fill your weekend with creative fun.

Mosaic Materials Calculator - Work Out How Many Tiles Your Need!

The Mosaic Materials Calculator gives an approximate number of tiles for the area of your project. Take the guess work out of it!